Thursday, July 30, 2015

Catalina Coffee

Was down in Washington Avenue and needed some coffee...
Found Catalina Coffee.  It's a cute little place. 
Got an iced mocha latte, just what I needed to keep awake.  It tasted good and I don't need to add anything else. 
Across the way has this amazing mural for the Gorilla at the Houston Zoo.  If the weather is not so hot, you can find a few seats on the side of the building and enjoy it with your drink or pastry.

I will warn you, the place's parking is tiny and limited, they even have additional parking across the lot, but that's still not enough.  The place looks like they have some yummy pastries and with good coffee, it is the perfect combo.  Sadly, the place is overran by true hipsters and wannabes.  There are alot of people who come in and grab a cup of coffee and enjoy their day too, but given the place is so small, it just made me want to exit asap.  Maybe I'll try again earlier in the morning and maybe the work crowd would be different.

Catalina Coffee
2201 Washington Ave
Houston, TX 

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