Monday, July 13, 2015

Weights & Measures

Went to Weights & Measures for brunch.  
 I actually missed the bake shop because I went thru the wrong door, but they definitely have some pretty awesome baked goodies...
 Nice glass of OJ!
 I had house smoked salmon egg sandwich with a side of bacon.  It's basically a large piece of bread, topped with smear that is dill mascarpone.  Topped with chopped salmon and scramble eggs.  At first, I wasn't too sure about it, but after the second bite, it kinda sat well with me.  I think the initial shock was that the dish was luke cold by the time it got to me.  But, I imagine, if it's warmer it would've been kick ass, will try that again next time.
 We ordered chocolate pancake for the kiddo.  I love that they are super considerate and make kid-friendly sized.  Sadly the pancake was a tad too dry, we didn't want to douse it with syrup, but forced to.
The place is cute, it is sharing a building with a dance company.  When the bill came, it came in a nice little cassette tape box, who still have those in good shape anymore?  The front of the restaurant has a bake shop that can get busy, but you're welcome to smell the deliciousness while you wait..  The parking lot is small, so they encourage you to park on the street.  While that is all and good on a weekend, for happy hour and dinner, that would be super challenging.  So, you've been warned.  Another thing, reservation is encourage... especially for the midtown crowd, don't try your luck.

Weights & Measures
2808 Caroline
Houston, TX

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