Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Liberty Kitchen

Went to dinner with a bunch of work people... enjoyed nice oyster, chips and queso (all not pictured).
But did get a chance to snap this dish.  This is their Lobster Bolognese, lobster obviously, lobster cream sauce, veggies, and garlic bread with real garlic on top.  Don't worry, after eating that bread you can still kiss people, it's not strong at all.  The sauce is nice a creamy, though when people say bolognese, I automatically think it's the red sauce.  It was really a cream white sauce.  The pasta is the chubby version of corkscrew.  Bits of lobster meat everywhere, you cannot miss this one.  So delicious, another person ordered it, and cleaned the plate.

As usual, their service is top notch.  Since we had a bunch of out of towners, he was super patient to answer and explain the menu.  The bar also has a variety of beer and wine that is perfect for everyone.  The only thing is parking and valet.  If you go early enough, they are super fast with the valet.  When it's raining or busy, however, you'll have to wait for a bit.  Either way, it's nice that they have a police directing traffic, that helped too, especially during the peak traffic hour on San Felipe.  Oh, and it is best to make a reservation, because you don't know what comes thru town and they get super busy especially when they have various apartment buildings around and a hotel right behind, they do get busy.

Liberty Kitchen
4224 San Felipe
Houston, TX 

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