Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Urban Eats

I was downtown serving Jury Duty, they were generous to give us more than an hour for lunch, so I drove down Washington and see what's opened for lunch.  
Drove past Urban Eats before, was super curious, so figured eating by myself for lunch would be less intimidating.  
Got an Arnold Palmer, which alot of people understood it to be lemonade & iced tea nowadays but alot of times people are doing it more alcoholic than not.  I have jury duty, people, have to stay sober!
I got the Cowboy Sliders and it came with a side salad, and for $3, I upgraded to truffle fries.  The Cowboy has nice meat, onion ring, bacon, bbq sauce.  The meat is superb, good quality and the fries are super yummy with parmesan cheese.  The salad was a bit more sour than my taste, but it is veggie for balance.

When you first drove up, valet is almost the easiest instead of driving around for a parking spot.  When you walk into the store, the first floor is a little market, deli style.  And they have all the cheese, prepared foods, drinks, baked goods.  And you can also order off their menu and take your food togo.  The seated area is upstairs, and they have a hostess that seats you.  Seating is not alot, but there's no bad seats in the house.  

I had Eric the barback as my server, and that dude runs circle around several servers and managers.  He made sure everyone is taken care of.  I told him it was my first time there, and he took the time to explain the menu.  Talked about the place, when they have music.  The guy just cannot sit still, but to the favor of the place, everyone was well taken care of, including his fellow staff members.  Can't say enough good stuff about that guy.

Urban Eats
3414 Washington Ave
Houston, TX 

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