Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Went to dinner for Hugo's, it's been a long time since we were there.
 On weekend, they're super busy.  When in doubt, make a reservation.  That has not failed me with this place yet.  They have their own reservation system, so some browsers might not work very well, so make sure you call them.
 For starter, we got chips & guacamole, it's very nice and addictive.  I liked the salsa too, but it's a tad too spicy for me.
 I got the Carnitas, which is slow cooked pork with salsa, cilantro and onion.  Sadly, it was not as good as I'd hope.  The meat was very dry, and even though I tried to soak the meat in salsa for a bit, there were no saving it.  
 We ordered Repollito - charred Brussels sprouts, pretty good, the sauce is a tad zingy.
 Coliflor - Cauliflower roasted in poblano sauce, with pepper and onions.  It wasn't the best I've had there....
This is Lechon - which is braised pig with crispy skin and habanero salsa.  It was not as good as I'd hope.  There were no crispy skin to be had, the little bit of pig there is is dry, so not sure how long they braised it.  

The entire meal was unfortunately disappointing.  Not sure if it was because they were super busy and the kitchen suffered?  But our server was awesome, he was knowledgable of the menu, any questions you throw at him, he knows the answers.  Not only that, he kept an eye on our table and quickly notice if water or tea needed to be refill, and if we needed to box anything, he was quick to the task.  One other thing about coming here is that you have to valet because there's not alot of street parking for non-valet.  Might as well bring extra change just in case.

1600 Westheimer Rd.
Houston, TX 77006

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